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What a beautiful day it was in Hesperus, Colorado for this gorgeous destination Wedding with Morgan+Gary. Joan Alford did such an amazing job as the Venue Host, Coordinator & Designer.  Morgan’s Rue De Seine Poppy gown was absolutely stunning.  Everyone was so chill and just cool to hang with.  Felt like we where shooting with […]

This session speaks for itself.  Amory was so easy to photograph, and willing to get into some crazy spots.  We absolutely love it when we get an opportunity to work with Seniors that love our style, and are willing to just let us do our thing.  Congratulations Amory! And thank you so much for choosing […]

What can we about these 2 luv birds other than they light it up!!! We get so excited when a couple loves each other as deeply as these 2 do.  And we love when people are willing to let us fly creatively on their projects.  They pretty much just let us direct this whole shoot […]

We were so honored to be able to do this session for Tedra Liessmann and her beautiful family!  It’s such a cool and rare opportunity when a family can assemble four generations for a photo op.  Jacque, “The Queen”, was seriously the funniest, most delightful person to be around.  If we’re smiling and moving around as good […]

We absolutely love doing these cake smash sessions! Maddi & Makayla are seriously the cutest! The ages of 1-3 are literally the hardest years to shoot. Kids this age do not want to sit for any length of time so you’ll usually find us jumping around like monkeys, making crazy noises, bribing with treats, making funny […]

So this is part of a 3-part Maternity + Newborn & Delivery + Newborn session we’re doing for this amazingly bright and beautiful couple. We’re so excited for the deliver in May. Ellen will be having the baby in her home, so this will be an entirely new experience for Katie. It’s going to be […]

This was such a cool experience to have these 2 sisters come all the way from Phoenix for their Senior Photo session. Even more cool, was there openness to let us take them all over Shiprock, NM to create this spread. We love getting these opportunities to dig into the Native America beauty that surrounds […]

There are few people that I’d be willing to stroll down to Farmington Lake on a whim to do Senior pix with, but Payton is one of them.  She’s a true model, extremely photogenic and makes projects like this super easy to get creative and just have a blast! So much fun at this session!