Monthly Archives: February 2016

Shutterfreek Destination Weddings in Mexico

We absolutely love traveling to do Destination Weddings.  Some of our fondest Wedding experiences have happened out of the country and these 2 Weddings were no exception.  Both totally unique in the their own way, one in Cabo and one in Cozumel.  Destination Weddings are so intimate, personal, simple, beautiful.  We’re so grateful to have had… Read more »

Shutterfreek Winter Wedding at Silver Pick with Lydia & Andrew

This beautiful Lac Cruces couple Lydia & Andrew planned this gorgeous Winter Destination Wedding up in the heart of the San Juan Mountain at the iconic Silver Pick Lodge in Durango, CO.  Among the many reason to be married at this gorgeous resort is the cozy cabin vibe, the gourmet dining, and the impeccable Mountain views…. Read more »

Shutterfreek Farmington NM Wedding with Becca & Eric

It seems like most of the Weddings we’re shooting these days are outside of the Farmington area, but when we do get the opportunity to shoot in our home town, we only hope that it can look as beautiful and majestic as this Wedding was.  We knew from the Engagement Session that taking an amazing… Read more »

Shutterfreek Couple Session with Jolene & Spencer

We could be more excited for this amazing couple. Jolene is an incredible edition to the family and Spencer (Katie’s brother) is just a total stud.  We love you both and we’re so excited to meet the new Eddy that’s on way!  Hopefully we’ll get to photograph him/her too.   🙂

Shutterfreek Winter Maternity Session with Michelle & Kevin

We got lucky with the perfect snow!  This really was the coolest Maternity Session.  Melissa & Kevin are obviously professional models in their spare time.  lol!  I remember the first time Katie was showing with our little Nora G.  We stopped off on the side of the road, on our way to eat at one… Read more »

Shutterfreek Engagement Session with Greg and Nicole • Hesperus CO

I’ve know Greg Golden for some time now.  Little known secret, we used to be professional carpet cleaners together for ChemDry way back in the day.  We shredded the rugs!!! lol!  No seriously.  We did.  Needless to say we’ve both come a long way since then, and we were so excited to find out about… Read more »

Shutterfreek Senior Session with Payton • Farmington NM

There are few people that I’d be willing to stroll down to Farmington Lake on a whim to do Senior pix with, but Payton is one of them.  She’s a true model, extremely photogenic and makes projects like this super easy to get creative and just have a blast! So much fun at this session!

Shutterfreek Newborn Sessions with Baby Addison

Katie strikes again with the babies! It’s a truly amazing experience, to travel the journey with a family from the point of their marriage to capturing images of their first born child. Not sure how to adequately describe what it means to us actually, but we’re so so grateful that we were able to photograph… Read more »