Albuquerque NM Sealing at the ABQ, NM LDS Temple featuring Mallory+JD

June 30, 2017

Twas a beautiful summer afternoon at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – Albuquerque Temple with these two love birds. These special events are so full of meaning and significance as families are joined and loved ones gather to witness a commitment that is really quite unique to the world. An interesting side note. We were able to shoot JD’s Senior photos not to long ago, and Mallory was present at the time. I remember at the tail end of the shoot asking if they wanted to snap a few shots together.  I knew that, like I knew on this day, that there was a special closeness with them, and I remember wondering who soon these 2 would tie the knot.  And so it happened and we are so grateful to have the privilege of being part of it all.  (I attached a photo from the Senior Session for fun at the end. Who knew we were actually adding their Engagement portfolio!:)



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